Sustainability & Our Responsibilities

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment wherever we can. We want to help create a sustainable future for the generations of people in front of us, and we’re committed to finding new ways to support the planet and community we’re part of. Here’s a taster of how.

Waste Management

We work closely with Biffa Waste Management, who, using their expertise and innovation are helping the UK on its path to a circular economy, while championing sustainable communities. Together we are transforming our waste into valuable resources and lessening its impact on the environment. Some of our key steps are:

  • Food waste is taken to an Anaerobic Digestion Plant to be used to produce energy.
  • We have separate recycling for paper, glass, and plastic - with 100% of all waste recycled.
  • All waste is sorted for recycling to further improve the process.

Since September 2023, 100% of all our waste has been diverted from landfill. This waste has been recycled, sorted, or used to produce green energy.

Stats provided by © Biffa Waste Management. June 2023-April 2024.

Local Suppliers

As a pub focused on our local community, we thought it only right to make sure our suppliers are local too. Below are just some of them.

  • Class One - Skipton-based fresh produce supplier, with over 60% of stock sourced locally.
  • Sailbrand - based in Huddersfield and sourcing fresh fish sustainably from the East Coast of the UK and delivering door to door around West Yorkshire.
  • J. Paul Leadbeater & Son Family Butchers - local to Keighley.
  • Noble Spring - sustainably packaged water, and locally sourced.
  • Matthew Clark and HB Clark - national alcohol suppliers with local depots committed to a low-carbon output operation.
  • And of course Timothy Taylor's brewery who own and manage the pub, supplying award-winning cask ales from a mile up the road. You can find out more about their sustainability efforts here.

Onsite/Local Staff

This helps both prevent unnecessary travelling, and benefits our local community.

LED Lights & Energy Saving Bulbs

These are used throughout the pub to lower our overall energy usage.

Refurbished & Upcycled Furniture

During our refurb in 2022, existing furniture was assessed and upcycled where possible, thus helping reduce waste.